Learning to Trust the Timing of My Life

My current abode has very little storage, like nada. So even though I consider myself a minimalist, I still have things like; Christmas decorations (I love a well decorated Christmas tree), off–season tires, art and art supplies, a snowboard, photo albums from the 90's, old journals... etc. So unless I want to make a temporary bed frame out of my off–season tires or keep the house in full–blown Christmas mode all year round, I have to store that stuff somewhere. Which is why I have a storage locker. A couple of days ago while dropping off some stuff at my storage locker I ended up falling into a box of old journals. I've been keeping journals for as long as I can remember but I rarely look b

Self–Love is the Key to Everything

When was the last time you loved yourself up? I mean really took the time to nurture yourself in a meaningful way so that you felt truly restored and brimming with warm–hearted love. Was it yesterday? A week ago? A month ago? Can you remember? Loving yourself is like turning on the light in a dark room. It extinguishes all the damaging negative self–talk that can haunt us from the shadows, liberating us to live authentically – to be a genuine expression of our innermost selves, the self that is a pure, radiant expression of love. So turn on the light, turn to love. Which is infinite, and available to everyone in every moment. All you need to do is turn your attention towards it. Unless of co

Cracked Wide Open

It isn't easy for me to talk about vulnerability. I have spent way too much time being 'strong' and pushing forward through life to have developed any grace around the subject. But today I am sitting in the painful discomfort of it, cracked wide open, raw and exposed. I have a tendency to leap into the unknown, often without a net to catch me. And for the most part, I have gotten pretty good at picking myself up and forging ahead into the next unknown. But sometimes, the crash landing is so severe I end up a shattered mess - a thousand broken pieces splayed out all over the place. It is true what they say, "the higher you jump, the harder you fall". I jumped really high this weekend, I took

Born and Raised Wild

I came into the world with a fierce determination to live my life on my own terms. According to family lore, I was born head then fist first. My father, who was in the delivery room, said, "she's a fighter!". He'd been raised by a professional boxer so he had an inclination of what a fighter looked like. My mother left my father when I was 8 months old so I grew up without knowing him but that line was tossed around enough that it stuck. Along with another one of his lines, "she's got wolf eyes". Apparently that's what he saw when he looked into my pale grey blues. That was the depth of our intimacy; a recognition of my fighting spirit and the declaration of the wildness in my eyes. Not sur

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