How to Obliterate the Bullshit

I've had a long–standing love affair with essential oils, they wooed me with their powerful intensity long ago. From the calming qualities of Lavender to the sultry aroma of Sandalwood to the sweet delicacy of Ylang Ylang, I was hooked from the get–go. I tend to fall hard and fast for anything (or anyone) that speaks straight to the heart. Scents have a way of doing that, and like love, are timeless, or more accurately, they encapsulate time. One whiff of hot wet pavement after a summer rainstorm and I am instantly transported to the celebratory joy of my 5 year old self, jumping in puddles barefoot with just a bathing suit on, completely overcome with joy. Under the spell of that particula

What's Your Superpower?

We've all got superpowers. They just get buried under the weight of our adult burdens or clouded by the onslaught of environmental toxins, household chemicals, preservatives and additives in our food. The easiest way to tap into your superpowers is to clean up your diet and eliminate harsh chemicals in your households. Now, I'm not talking about being able to fly or slicing through concrete with laser vision, although I wouldn't discourage you from trying to develop those skills. I'm talking about a heightened intuition, a tuning-in to your inner intelligence, an increase in mental abilities, improved strength, energy, and stamina, as well as a super strong immune system. All of these things

Find Your Alignment, Live Your Bliss!

The first time I heard the word alignment used in reference to ones life was during a talk by Abraham–Hicks, the author of The Law of Attraction. It felt like such a concise way to explain those magical moments when everything just lines up perfectly. According to Abraham, when we are living our lives in alignment with our essence, we are living as close to bliss as possible. Abraham recommends using our emotions as a guidance system to gauge whether or not we are in alignment. When you feel joy, peace, love or compassion, you are in alignment with your highest good. When you feel annoyed, frustrated, nervous, anxious, impatient, depressed, lonely, angry... you are out of alignment. It is ou

From One Mother to Another

Three generations of mothers; my grandmother, my mother, and myself. Photo by Kate McGregor We may not all be mothers but we all come from mothers, and wouldn't exist if it weren't for the efforts of that woman carrying us in her womb and pushing us into the world. We owe everything to our mothers. I always wanted to be a mother. I could feel it in my bones, even as a small girl. I mothered my dolls, my cousins, my pets, and as I got older my friends and lovers. So when I found out I was pregnant at 19, I was actually excited. Even though I had just broken up with my boyfriend a few weeks prior, and I was at the height of my nomadic life, which meant I was homeless, jobless, and without a cl

Who Are Your Teachers?

Not too long ago, I was asked that question by a wise friend of mine, Cylla, whom I admire greatly, and I was stumped. I had never really contemplated that before. My teachers were everywhere; my children, my pets, my partner, my friends, my family, the guy who cut me off in his car, the store clerk, the plants, the seasons, the sun, the moon, they were all my teachers, all the time. But that wasn't what my friend was asking, she wanted to know names of specific people I had chosen as mentors, people that I had learned from in person. I couldn't name anyone. She looked at me with a penetrating gaze and said, "you need to work on that". Again, I was stumped! Why did I need to work on that? Af

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