What's Guiding Your Life, Love or Fear?

First off, if you haven't watched the Tony Robbins' doc that Netflix just released on Friday, do! But make sure you don't have any little ones around, 'cause it's loaded with profanity. Joe Berlinger sure knows how to make a documentary that rocks you to the core! I watched it on the weekend and I'm still feeling completely blasted open by it. Follow it up with Marie Forleo's interview with Tony, from last week and you'll be well–equipped to re-evaluate your life, and potentially make some profound changes. Tony and I share a similar passion, we both want to help people live their most extraordinary lives. He has an insatiable hunger to end suffering and I have a burning desire to spread jo

Pare That Shit Down'n Get Your Glow On!

When you move house as much as I do you develop a keen awareness of the burden of having too much stuff. Hauling it around is a right pain in the ass. Throw in a five year stint as a Professional Organizer, sorting through and purging other people's stuff, and you start to embrace the concept of letting everything go. Building a big bonfire and burning it all has definitely crossed my mind. But I'm a nester. Raised by an artist and a collector, I can't help but acquire a few pretty things here and there, especially when they hold some kind of meaning; a handmade gift from one of my boys, a piece of art from my mom, a cherished find from a remote village in the Peruvian jungle... all these li

What's With all the Self–Love Hype?

If you've been reading this blog for a while or you've landed on my Instagram feed, you've surely caught me preachin' about self–love. I just can't help it. Even though I decided long ago (in my mid 20's after a seriously righteous bent) that I wasn't going to preach to anyone about anything anymore, only because I finally realized how futile it was. After smashing into enough brick walls, I finally learned that we all have to come to our own understanding of things, in our own time, no amount of preaching on my part was going to make a shred of difference. Telling someone something they aren't ready to hear is like carrying on a conversation underwater, your lips are moving and you might ev

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