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A couple years ago I signed up for four weeks of Life Coaching with Elena Brower, via the Handel Group. I was in the midst of major life changes (as I often seem to be); drowning in the corporate soup of a job that was sucking the life right out of me, still reeling from the dissolution of my family unit, and at a loss as to how to move forward. I felt stuck, confused, and in dire need of some help to create clarity and structure around what my next step was going to be. Elena, who's teachings I'd been following for a while, showed up in my inbox at the perfect time – one of those beautifully synchronistic moments, a divine intervention disguised as a newsletter. She was offering a 4 week co

The Power of Intention

Your life is yours alone. And yet, we so often feel as though we have no control over what happens to us, and maybe that's true, maybe life just happens to us. But I prefer to think otherwise. I like taking responsibility for how my life unfolds. I like thinking that when the shit hits the fan it's for a damn good reason so I better get clear, hone my focus, and figure it out. What part of my subconscious is creeping up and sabotaging my best–laid plans? I've had the rug pulled out from under me more times than I can count. I've experienced crushing failures, debilitating heartache, shocking sudden deaths, my life has derailed plenty. But I never once blamed anyone but myself (well, except m

My Life as An Escape Artist

When things get uncomfortable, my first impulse is to leave. When I feel the weight of the world closing in on me I start planning my next escape, I lean into the call of far off places and ache to take flight, into my next great adventure. I'm pretty sure I was born this way. I started practicing my escapes as a babe, climbing out of my crib every chance I got. Apparently, I would climb over the railing and beeline it down the hallway to the fire escape, my mother always waking just in time to find me on the precipice of the second story ledge. I still tend to leave things – conversations, parties, relationships, jobs, cities, towns, I'll even leave this blog one day. We ALL leave eventual

How to Design Your Dream Life, in Three Simple Steps

There ain't no quick fix to the life of your dreams, no magic pill, no easy road, it requires commitment, discipline, and an honest inquiry into your deepest self, along with a whole lot'a Trust. But there are three things you can implement into your life right now to get you on track with your dreams. 1. RADICAL HONESTY This takes courage but it is absolutely essential if you want to create the life of your dreams. Once you start being honest with yourself, and I mean really peeling back the layers, down to your deepest truths, you will naturally start to line up with your deepest desires. Things, people, opportunities, will start to flow into your life with such ease it'll feel like magic.

The Gift of Contrast

I've had an interesting week, laden with contrast. For every exalted, heart–expanding high I've felt, there's been an unexpected low of equal measure. Been surfing the waves of my emotions. I've been here before, I know the routine; allow the emotions to roll through, don't attach any labels or judgments, just bring awareness to what's showing up, accept it, feel it and allow it to release. Reach for equilibrium. Repeat. Although, this time 'round the release hasn't been easy. Probably because I'm dealing with unresolved feelings from decades ago that've dredged themselves up unexpectedly. I'm talking middle school era feelings. With thorns. So old and buried so deep that they just didn't wa

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