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Cosmic Reading

My Cosmic Readings offer an interpretation of the celestial energies that imprinted you the moment you emerged from your mother's womb. Using your Natal Chart, my intuitive connection with the cosmos, and 30 years of Astrological study, I dive into the cosmic forces your soul chose to work with to actualize your full potential. I focus on three primary things; your inherent gifts, your primary wound which has the potential to become your realm of mastery, and your soul's purpose, I remind you of why you're here, and your unique magnificence.

"To engage with Nina's readings is to lift the subtle veil between who you think you are, and who you are destined to be." - SARAH E.

Relationship Reading

When two beings merge, a third energy is created - the energy of the relationship, which exists as an entity unto itself. A Relationship Reading gives insight into the qualities, characteristics, challenges, and gifts of that entity through the interpretation of a Composite Chart. A Relationship Reading can facilitate profound healing between partners and offers deep insight into the personal growth that is being activated by the relationship itself.  

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"Nina's insights into the hidden dynamics between my partner and I saved our relationship, we were finally able to understand each other."   - TANYA S.

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