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Cosmic Reading

A 1hr phone session - $111

Offering an interpretation of the celestial energies that imprinted you the moment you emerged from your mother's womb. Using your Natal Chart, my intuitive connection with the cosmos, and 30 years of Astrological study, I dive into the cosmic forces your soul chose to work with to actualize your full potential. I focus on three primary things; your inherent gifts, your primary wound which has the potential to become your realm of mastery, and your soul's purpose. I remind you of why you're here and your unique magnificence.

"To engage with Nina's readings is to lift the subtle veil between who you think you are, and who you are destined to be." - SARAH E.

Relationship Reading

A 1.5hr phone session - $150

A reading for partnerships, offering compassionate insights into the hidden dynamics being activated by the union. Within every relationship, there exists a unique healing potential. We are naturally drawn to those who will activate the healing our soul desires. This reading will reveal the unique celestial energies at play between two people; the qualities, characteristics, challenges, healing potential, and gifts. Facilitating mutual understanding between partners while illuminating the true purpose and potential of the relationship. 

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"Nina's insights into the hidden dynamics between my partner and I saved our relationship, we were finally able to understand each other."   - TANYA S.

Know Your Child

A Cosmic Reading for parents - 1hr phone session $111

This reading provides insight into your child's unique qualities, characteristics, challenges, and gifts. Offering the potential to understand and support your child's inherent nature so you can nurture their soul's intention for this one precious life. A beautiful opportunity to deepen your connection with your child.

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"Nina's cosmic reading resonated so deeply. Learning this knowledge about my unique gifts, where to focus to grow and develop, and what tendencies to leave behind gave me such clarity - I feel radiant!"   - JEN W.

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Cosmic Reading w/Bespoke Essential Oil Protocol

A Coalescing of Earth and Sky - 1.5hr phone session $150

This session offers a deep dive into the celestial energies you were gifted with at birth, via your natal chart - a snapshot of the cosmos the moment you were born. Illuminating your inherent gifts, your core wound, your realm of mastery, and your soul's intention for this one precious life.


Following your Cosmic Reading, I will offer you a bespoke essential oil protocol, curated specifically for you, to help with the integration and embodiment of your higher consciousness. We will spend 30 minutes discussing your recommended oils; their therapeutic influences, and how to use them safely for optimal efficacy.


*Essential oils are not provided with this reading, you will have the option to purchase your customized selection of oils via my online store after the reading.

"Nina sets souls on fire with her readings"   - Ming F.