7 Tips to Harnessing the Magic of the Universe!

I've always been a believer in Magic. For as long as I can remember I've felt a connection to something greater than myself, something mysterious, something mystical.

As a kid that feeling felt akin to having super powers. After all, it was the era of Superman and Jedis, and I believed wholeheartedly that those powers were real and available to me if I practiced hard enough.

I spent hours in my backyard jumping off of dangerously high things, with the intention of eventually taking flight. Even my dreams were inundated with supernatural experiences, so much so that I started to blur my waking hours with my mystical dream time, thinking that maybe I truly was flying over the city, battling evil.

This was between the ages of 5 and 9, by the time I was 10 my deep curiosity led me to a more practical study of the mystical realms. Lucky for me my mom was a book collector and had a whole slew of books that leaned towards the mystical; Tarot, Astrology, I Ching, Native spiritual traditions, Goddess traditions, Yogic traditions, and so on.

Some people grow up with religion as their gateway to spirituality, I grew up with Magic and Mysticism.

According to Merriam-Webster, Mysticism is, "the belief that direct knowledge of God, spiritual truth, or ultimate reality can be attained through subjective experience (as intuition or insight)", and Magic is defined as, "an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source". If you've ever felt inspiration coursing through your veins or the divine hand of Intuition, you've experienced the extraordinary power of Magic. Pretty sure we've all experienced that. And if you've taken action from that place, then you've harnessed the Magic of the Universe.

Meh, big deal. What's so great about harnessing the magic of the universe anyway?

Well my dears, if you want to consciously create your experience here on earth, you need to tap into that magic because every dream, desire, vision, you've ever had for your life, is waiting for you in that magical realm. All you need to do is get into alignment with it. Which is way easier than most of us realize. In fact, it is happening all the time but all too often, without our conscious awareness. Which means we are getting into aligment with things we don't necessarily want.

According to the Law of Attraction, we are magnets, constantly attracting a match to our vibration.

For example, if people keep yelling at you or there's a lot of aggression showing up in your day to day experience, you may want to consider the idea that you are harbouring some unresolved or unconscious anger. Likewise, if you're having a day filled with positive, pleasurable interactions, it's safe to say that your vibration is a match to joy. We always, without fail, attract whatever is a vibrational match to our own energy. The tricky part is that our energy is constantly in flux, and we have a deep subconscious that is emitting vibrations we aren't aware of. That is why it is important to live our lives with awareness so that as our moods shift we can navigate our way back to our better feeling vibrations.

Although, sometimes it is important to pause with the less desirable emotions. Because our most painful experiences often hold the deepest lessons. If we can look at them as opportunities for growth, or for the mysterious abyss of our subconscious to be brought into the light, they become much easier to accept and eventually transform. That way your life isn't being led by your hidden vibrations.

Peeling back the layers to our most authentic selves, our deepest truths, can be a rough ride at times. But the clearer and more honest you become with yourself and everyone around you, the easier it will be to access that sweet reservoir of joy within.

Living your life with awareness and taking responsibility for everything that shows up minute by minute, while mindfully making adjustments in your vibration to stay in the realm of positivity, will make you a magnet for your dreams. This is how you harness the magic of the Universe! The best part is, that when you line up with your dreams you are lining up with your life's purpose and ultimately creating a deep sense of fulfillment and overwhelming joy.

There are a million tools out there to help you clear and transform your hidden vibrations, part of this crazy journey is figuring out which ones work best for you. Here are 7 of my personal favorites that not only keep me connected to my deepest truths but they help me harness the magic of the Universe with conscious awareness so that I can actualize my most fabulous life (which is always a work in progress).

1. REFLECTION. Take time to look inward, to reflect on your day to day life, that's how you familiarize yourself with your subconscious; that murky hidden realm that sneaks in and sabotages your best–laid plans. There are many ways to look inward, my favourite is journaling. Spending twenty minutes a day purging your mind of whatever thoughts show up, without taking it too seriously, just ramble and let it flow. A daily meditation practice is another great way to unearth the subconscious. Sit for 20 minutes focusing on the sensation of your breath on your upper lip and in and around your nostrils. It's amazing what thoughts will creep up when you're meditating, sometimes it's just your grocery list or the conversation you had the day before but then there are those times when profound insights emerge from the deep. Those are magic!

2. LIVE WITH INTENTION. This is a biggie! Every day, before you get out of bed, think about what you want your day to look and feel like. Spend 5 minutes crafting your ideal day in your mind, make it plausible. By that I mean if you have to work that day don't imagine that you'll be hanging out on a tropical beach somewhere (unless of course that's where you work). Instead, imagine that all your interactions at work will be easy and uplifting. This exercise is meant to improve the quality of your daily experiences by bringing direction to them. This is how you get to be the driver of your own life (if your life were a bus).

3. PRACTICE GRATITUDE. Remember, it is your vibration that is creating your experience so take every opportunity to raise your vibration. Appreciating what already exists in your experience is the easiest way to do that. If your lunch tastes good, savor it! Really appreciate how delicious it is. If the sun is shining, take a moment to appreciate its warmth on your skin. If you find a parking spot with ease, be appreciative. If someone opens a door for you, smile and say thank you. Check-in with gratitude as much as possible throughout your day.

4. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FEELINGS. Your feelings are your guidance system, they are telling you where your vibration is at. If you're having a shitty day, sit with it. Feel out what isn't working for you, and ask yourself what small changes you can make to bring you closer to your intention for the day. There's a natural progression to our emotions, it's rare that we can leap from anger to joy but we can move from anger to courage and then courage to acceptance and acceptance to love, all the way up the emotional scale to joy and peace. Check out the emotional scale chart at the bottom of this post.

5. TAKE ONE ACTION EVERY DAY THAT LEADS TOWARDS YOUR DREAMS. If you aren't already living the life of your dreams then make sure you are moving towards them. It's easy to get overwhelmed by our dreams because we can't fathom how we are going to get there. That's why it's important to break it down. Ask yourself, is this action bringing me closer to my dreams? If not, consider redirecting your course.

6. SEEK INSPIRATION. Living an inspired life is to live in alignment with the magic of the universe, to be guided by divine influence. So figure out what inspires you and make sure you incorporate it into your daily life. Spending time in nature is a great way to access inspiration. Listening to music that moves you, dancing, praying, meditating, reading, these are just a some of the ways you can open the doors for inspiration to pour through you.

7. PRACTICE RESOLVE. Promising yourself that you will never give up is a powerful decision to make. You are basically screaming to the universe that you would rather die than not accomplish your dreams. As Benjamin Disraeli said, "Nothing can resist a human will, that will stake its existence on its purpose." In having resolve you are also taking responsibility for your experience which helps to illuminate your intuition and keeps you on the right path, towards your dreams.

"One of the oldest and most generous tricks that the Universe plays on human beings is to bury strange jewels within us all, and then stand back to see if we can ever find them." ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, from her book Big Magic.

Here's to finding your jewels and living your dreams!

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