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Eight months ago I got an email from Elena Brower offering me a guest spot at an advanced teacher training workshop she was leading in Toronto, hosted by 889 Yoga.

I was stunned!

Elena was someone I admired deeply (and still do), a teacher among teachers. She wasn't someone I had any sort of personal relationship with. I'd taken coaching workshops with her but I had never communicated with her outside of that context.

Turns out, she had read a particularly revealing Newsletter and blog post I'd written on Vulnerability, to which she responded with a personal email (like I said, STUNNED!). After a few back and forth emails, all within the span of 20 minutes, she gifted me with a guest pass to her weekend retreat and said she'd bring some Essential Oil goodies for me to try.

This was how doTERRA Essential Oils showed up in my life – with a free weekend workshop with one of my most admired teachers. In other words, with so much grace–filled MAGIC!

I've been working with plant medicines for over 20 years. I raised both my boys on Homeopathic remedies and Medicinal herbs. Neither of them has ever been on Antibiotics, we somehow managed to navigate all of their ailments without pharmaceuticals. Starting with home births for both of them, and only ever ending up at the hospital when they would break a bone or need stitches, as free range children do.

But somehow Essential Oils had never really made it into my arsenal of home remedies. I'd only ever used them as bug repellent or for the pure enjoyment of their beautiful aromas. I had very little awareness of the breadth of their healing properties.

And then doTERRA showed up in my life.

From that very first sip of Pure Therapeutic Grade Lemon oil in my water something deep within me was activated, like a soul recognition, I knew something huge was underway and about to transform my life.

I bought my first kit right after attending my very first Essential Oils class, led by Jennifer Kruidbos. As soon as it showed up in the mail I started using the oils every day. I've been slowly building my collection, getting a few new oils every month, taking my time to cultivate a relationship with each one individually, the same way I would get to know a new friend. Sometimes mixing things up, throwing a few oils together to see how they interact. A little essential oil party in the diffuser.

What astonished me was the distinction I felt between the oils. They each had their own character, their own qualities that nourished and supported me emotionally. And when blended together just right they could facilitate some major shifts or unearth some deep seeded trauma and carry me through it with so much tenderness and grace.

The more I played with the oils and studied the impact they had on my day to day, the more in tune I became with them. They started to call to me, I could feel/hear/see which oil would be best at any given moment. And as my friends and clients shared their processes with me the Oils would announce themselves relentlessly until I shared them. I was learning how to commune with plants.

Which felt like some pretty witchy magic. But I liked it.

Each oil seems to carry its own resonance, and like music, they can take you on a journey. They can lift you up, allowing you to connect to the higher realms - ascension people, it's a beautiful thing. And they can ground you into a deeply rooted body awareness, an equally special experience.

But those are just the broad strokes. Essential Oils can get really specific, they can hone in on the details of your healing journey and help you navigate it with ease.

For example, I've always been terrified of public speaking. I love talking and sharing one on one or in small groups, and I can even be quite theatrical but as soon as I realize all eyes are on me my heart starts racing, my face gets flush, and sometimes my body will even start to shake.

This is not an easy fear to navigate as a Yoga teacher.

And that is precisely why I never intended to be a Yoga teacher. I took my Yoga Teacher Training to deepen my own practice, not to teach. But alas, the Universe had other plans.

My friends started asking me to teach privates in their homes and eventually we started to outgrow their living rooms so I went looking for a studio to rent and somehow ended up on the studio's roster, teaching a few classes a week.

Those first few classes were terrifying. I had to meditate prior to each class just to calm my racing heart and I'm sure my voice was still a bit shaky. But like all things, the more I did it the easier it got.

Stepping into your fear is always a good thing. Although, it felt more like stepping into a role, like playing a part. I was still myself but I was, Nina the teacher. Oh the masks we wear.

Then I got my first bottle of Spearmint Essential Oil. I didn't love the smell of it at first, it was SO SWEET. But I was eager to try it, to feel it out, to get to know it. So I put it on the soles of my feet in the morning, along with some Vetiver (one of my favourite oils!) and went about my day.

I had an Energy treatment to give that morning, followed by a coaching session with a regular client and then I had to teach a Yoga class immediately after. Normally that would be a lot of 'public speaking' for me in a day. But I felt so at ease, so comfortable, and so MYSELF. There was no need to step into the role of healer, coach, teacher, I just showed up as myself in each situation and had so much fun! In fact, that was probably the most fun I'd ever had teaching.

I couldn't wait to get home and read about the healing qualities of Spearmint. I knew the shift I had experienced was connected to that oil.

Low and behold, according to my favourite book, Emotions and Essential Oils, "Spearmint – The Oil of Confident Speech; inspires clarity of thought and confident verbal expression, especially when speaking in front of groups. It also helps create an effective stage presence encouraging people to access their inner light and convey that light to the world with clarity and confidence."


I started using Spearmint Oil on the soles of my feet every time I had to teach and my classes started to take on a whole new quality. I felt so much more present and clear, and joyfully myself. Now, a few months later, I feel as though that confidence resides within me, I no longer need the help of Spearmint, it has become a part of me.

Although, if I ever had to get up and speak to a large audience I would for sure be slathering that oil all over myself. Along with a few other gems; to keep me grounded – Vetiver, within my Integrity – Coriander, and connected to my Truth – Frankincense. The fear of public speaking isn't gone, it just doesn't eclipse my true nature, my essence, anymore.

This is just one example out of dozens of incredible stories I have either personally experienced or witnessed. But the outcome is always the same: a heightened awareness of oneself and a stronger connection to your authenticity.

Whether you are trying to mend a broken heart, learning to love your body, trying to process the loss of a loved one, in search of your purpose, desiring greater enthusiasm for life, in need of emotional support, trying to overcome feelings of hopelessness... etc, there is an oil or a blend of oils that can guide you through your journey, back to your essence and the brilliant magnificence of your being.

Essential Oils not only accelerate the healing process, they bring with them the clarity and wisdom you need to truly transform. As Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr said, "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

But not all oils are created equal. I only use doTERRA's Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils because every single drop of oil has been; tested for purity, sourced from its native (indigenous) growing region where the soil and climate quality are optimal, and harvested at their peak growing season for potency.

doTERRA's Essential Oils have become my most cherished elevation tool. Here are some of my go–to blends that I've created to keep me in alignment with my essence and to raise the vibration of my day to day life (if any of these resonate with you, contact me and I'll make you your very own bespoke blend):


Spearmint – The Oil of Confident Speech

Lavender – The Oil of Communication

Frankincense – The Oil of Truth


Arborvitae (BC Red Cedar) – The Oil of Divine Grace

Lime – The Oil of Zest for Life

Peppermint – The Oil of Buoyant Heart

Wild Orange – The Oil of Abundance


Geranium – The Oil of Love and Trust

Clary Sage – The Oil of Clarity and Vision

Lavender – The Oil of Communication


Grapefruit – The Oil of Honouring The Body

Patchouli – The Oil of Physicality

Cinnamon – The Oil of Sexual Harmony


Lavender – The Oil of Communication

Cedarwood – The Oil of Community

Vetiver – The Oil of Centering and Descent

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