Do You Feel Powerful?

I had my mind blown recently, which isn't saying much because my mind gets blown pretty often. But this was big!

Just a few days ago I was walking with a friend, we were deep in conversation about his health when I asked him if he felt powerful. His response shocked me – "I've never felt powerful".

What?! Now, this is a guy that climbs mountains, scuba dives, and travels to the edges of the earth looking for adventure. How could he never feel powerful?!

After a little inquiry, I realized that he had a strong negative association with the word power. Attached to the word were thoughts of greedy corporations carelessly destroying the earth, leaders without concern for the wellbeing of their people, abusive and destructive relationships, corruption, and the brutalities of war.

That's a whole lot of darkness attached to one word.

To me, power is pure and beautiful, like the vast ocean, the roaring wind, the lion in mid–hunt. There is no judgement, it is simply a descriptor indicating the depth or strength of your connection to your essence, to source.

But to my friend, power was laden with negative associations.

The mind blowing part is that in rejecting the word he was also rejecting his own power – the vital essence of his being!

Words, are powerful.

And as my friend so clearly demonstrated, the beliefs we attach to them can limit or expand our experiences. In holding the word power at bay because he didn't want to be associated with the negativity he'd attached to it, he was also holding his inner power at bay. Which created the belief that he had "never been powerful".

Damn, that is a powerful limiting belief!

This obviously wasn't true, otherwise, he'd be dead or close to it because, without any power – the driving force of his body, mind, and spirit, he would cease to engage with life.

Even though this belief wasn't true it still effectively created a disassociation from the source of his power – his essence. He was only able to feel powerful when connecting to outside sources, like nature, and people who were powerfully connected to their essences.

This is HUGE!

When living a life disassociated from your essence, you may end up doing a whole lot of searching without ever really finding what you're looking for. Or you may just end up living a life that never really satisfies you and yet you feel at a loss as to what would, often trying to fill the gap created by that disassociation with material objects or acquisitions of any kind, including people. Addiction is a common result of feeling disconnected from your essence – your source. As is depression.

The key word being, 'feeling' disconnected. Because we can never truly disconnect from our essence, from the source of our power but we can lose sight of it. There are endless ways to 'disconnect' from your source; false or limiting beliefs, trauma or shock, grief, physical or emotional pain, you name it.

Our job is to find our way back to the heart of who we are. To create lives that support our deepest desires and the essential Truths of our being.

When you connect with your essence you feel empowered, you feel inspired, you feel energized, you feel a sense of purpose, and with that comes a deep feeling of fulfillment.

We all have false limiting beliefs that keep our power at bay. It is our job to root them out, to bring the light of awareness into the depths of our being, to free ourselves from the restraints we have created with our minds.

So how do we do this?

There is no singular way. It is a journey, unique to each individual.

It seems as though we spend half our lives building false structures only to spend the other half tearing them down.

All I can say is that at the core of your being lies a simple Truth, or many, it is your job to find those Truths. Within them lies your freedom and your power. So question everything. Every time you react to a situation, ask yourself if the belief that is causing you to react is True.

Practice radical honesty with yourself and the world around you.

The way to your power is through Truth. Every lie you tell yourself or others disconnects you from your essence. So let the Truth guide your way.

We are all powerful beings with incredible gifts that are yearning to be actualized. Find your Truth(s) so that you can live your most fulfilling life!

"Within each of us, there is a silence, a silence as vast as the universe, and when we experience that silence, we remember who we are." ~ Gunilla Norris

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