Find Your Truth, Create Your Exceptional Life!

A couple years ago I signed up for four weeks of Life Coaching with Elena Brower, via the Handel Group. I was in the midst of major life changes (as I often seem to be); drowning in the corporate soup of a job that was sucking the life right out of me, still reeling from the dissolution of my family unit, and at a loss as to how to move forward.

I felt stuck, confused, and in dire need of some help to create clarity and structure around what my next step was going to be.

Elena, who's teachings I'd been following for a while, showed up in my inbox at the perfect time – one of those beautifully synchronistic moments, a divine intervention disguised as a newsletter.

She was offering a 4 week coaching series to empower Yoga Practitioners. I had just completed my Yoga Teacher's Training and thought this would be a good addition, and maybe provide me with the confidence boost I needed to move forward.

I had no idea I was going to be given the tools to completely restructure my life – to consciously create my future from a place of empowerment.

The seeds that were planted during that coaching series have germinated, burst forth, and are blooming magnificently into a life that just two years ago was only a figment of my imagination.

I'm still using the tools Elena shared with me, in my personal life and with my clients. The results are just as powerful today as they were two years ago.

I'd like to share one of the exercises we did together that helped me launch into the next chapter of my life – the chapter I am currently living. It's also one of my favourite go–to exercises for honing my focus and creating some super manifesting mojo. Try it out for yourself, I'd love to hear what kind of magic transpires for you!

This exercise is particularly useful for anyone who is confused about their future, going through a transition or is dissatisfied with their life or an area of their life.

It's a simple writing exercise that will not only bring clarity to your desires but will help restructure your situation and empower you to take action towards your most exceptional life.


Find a quiet place to sit with your thoughts. Have a writing tool at the ready; a laptop or journal and pen will do the trick. Think about your life, pick an area that you would like to change/improve. It could be a relationship, your physical body, your financial situation, your job, your home, your diet... anything.

Now close your eyes and imagine what you would like that particular area to look like, in an ideal world (only address one area at a time). Create a rich, detailed image, put yourself in that image, feel it with as many senses as possible. Open your eyes and write it down. Be as detailed as possible.

When you've written everything that you can possibly think of, go back and edit it down to a paragraph. Make sure it's written in the first person, example: "I feel empowered and supported in... I know how to... I am glowing with... my life is..." as if you are currently living it and only mention the positive, the most exalted version you can imagine. Describe it from a feeling place, how does it make you feel to be living the dream or ideal version of that area of your life?

Keep editing until you've got it pared down to the core essence of what you'd like that area of your life to be. You'll know when you've hit the essential truth because your whole body will light up with excitement and enthusiasm for the vision you've created. Keep editing until it really excites you to read it.

Then read it every day, as many times a day as you need to keep the fire burning.

It took me four hours to write a paragraph the first time I did this exercise. But when I was done my whole body felt electrically charged. It was exhilarating. I have revised my original paragraphs three times over the course of two years, it gets richer and more precise each time.

Not only is this an exercise in getting clarity on what you want so that you can bring it to fruition, it's also an incredible tool for accessing your deepest truths. There's magic in finding the truth that is buried within. It lines you up with opportunities that you could never have imagined for yourself. Our minds are so limiting when it comes to envisioning opportunities. If you tried to map out your life strictly with what your mind could conjure up you would be excluding all those unforeseeable – magical interventions. There is so much more available to us than we could ever possibly perceive.

This exercise allows you to access your innermost desires, it ignites your being from the inside out, burning up limiting beliefs and opening you up to receiving gifts from unimaginable sources. But you need to embrace your vision, feel it in every fibre of your being before those false beliefs can burn up and die.

When you turn on the light of your inner most truths your shadows; your insecurities, false beliefs, negative self–talk, fears, are all extinguished.

To live an exceptional life is to honour your truth, to embrace your unique dreams and desires, to bring them to light and into physical form – to manifest them.

This exercise can help you do just that.

My idea of an exceptional life is ever–changing, it's an evolution that grows with me, and like all things, totally subjective.

It is up to you to determine your most exceptional life, first by visioning it, then believing in it and getting out of your own way so that it can unfold.

Find your Truth, let it be your guide.

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