How to Design Your Dream Life, in Three Simple Steps

There ain't no quick fix to the life of your dreams, no magic pill, no easy road, it requires commitment, discipline, and an honest inquiry into your deepest self, along with a whole lot'a Trust.

But there are three things you can implement into your life right now to get you on track with your dreams.


This takes courage but it is absolutely essential if you want to create the life of your dreams. Once you start being honest with yourself, and I mean really peeling back the layers, down to your deepest truths, you will naturally start to line up with your deepest desires. Things, people, opportunities, will start to flow into your life with such ease it'll feel like magic.

The easiest way to seek out the truth is to pay attention to how you feel. Admit when you feel shitty and inquire into why. What brought on this shitty feeling, and is it TRUE. Follow it to its essence, dig deep, just about every negative feeling comes from a longing to be healed. So explore it. What is it within you that is calling for your attention and for healing?

As we peel back the layers it is easy to get confused, caught up in the trauma of the original wound, the subconscious is a murky place full of mistruths. It is best to seek help when attempting to clear through the hidden realms of your psyche, otherwise, your ego will most definitely lead you astray. There are endless options of healers out there, find one that suits you.

Once you start practicing radical honesty, with yourself and the world around you, you will find that certain relationships will no longer suit you, and new people will start to show up in your life. Things will change. It may hurt at first, letting go can be hard but once you clear away all the things, people, situations that aren't serving you, you will start to feel a sweet reverence for your newfound life. It will start to hold new meaning, your greater purpose will unveil itself, and you will begin to access a deep residing joy. You will start to live authentically, in alignment with your deepest truths.


Every time you do something that scares you, and I'm not talkin' death–defying acts, I'm talking about fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of judgement and ridicule – anytime you feel those feelings creep up, I can almost guarantee that you are being given the opportunity to step into your magic, so forge ahead into the fear, because you will most definitely be rewarded. Everything you deeply desire is on the other side of your fear. It's one of life's cruel tricks. Step into it, take action! What's the worst thing that could happen?

Test the waters if you need to. Start with one small action that scares you; go to that class you've been too nervous to try, write that story you've been thinking about for years, paint that picture, share that thought, connect with that person you can't stop thinking about, learn how to drive, ride a bike, rock climb, just do it! You'll be amazed at how much your confidence will grow, and how easy it'll get over time. But you've got to start. So take action! Eventually, taking action towards your dreams will happen naturally, easily, and with grace.

Which brings me to number three...


I've written about Trust before but it's worth repeating. Trust is essential. Not just in manifesting your dream life but in order to live joyfully, you need to practice Trust. Trying to control your life is futile, there are just way too many variables, at some point, you're going to have to let go and see where the chips fall. Trusting that they'll fall exactly where they need to, to get you closer to your desired life is a sure fired way to create miracles.

I know plenty of people who have tried to control every aspect of their lives and the results were never good. In extreme cases, their inability to let go resulted in serious illnesses, in less dramatic instances, small catastrophes would seem to plague their day to day lives. In both of these scenarios, practicing trust – letting go of control and allowing life to unfold, would have alleviated so much suffering.

Trying to control every detail of your life is a classic representation of letting fear guide your life, more on that here. Trusting that the earth won't stop rotating on its axis if you just let go, is not only a huge relief but it also makes room for magic to show up.

Our perspectives are so limited. Even with the richest imagination, we can't possibly perceive the breadth of our potential. We are so much more magnificent than we realize. Hence the expression, "you just need to get out of your own way". We are often our worst critics, we let fear and doubt control our lives and then wonder why our dreams aren't coming true.

Trust my dears, because without it, you are shrinking the magnificence of your being, limiting your potential and blocking magic and miracles from showing up.

Quote from, The Crossroads of Should and Must, Find and Follow Your Passion ~ by Elle Luna

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