How to Live A High Vibration Life

First off, let me clarify what I mean by 'high vibration'. It has nothing to do with smoking pot and everything to do with feeling a deep sense of joy and fulfillment.

If you were to strip away everything external; your possessions, your friends, family, lovers, partners, career, appearance, status... etc, what would you be left with?

Who would you be left with?

Who are you without everything else? It is that part of you that needs to be tended to in order to raise your vibration.

No amount of money, popularity, success, recognition, accolades, even freedom, and love from another, can truly raise and sustain your vibration. It is up to you to look within and fall so deeply in love with your inner most self that it radiates out of you and into the world.

You carry within you a singular gift, a jewel of wisdom so beautiful the universe couldn't exist without it, it is your job to unearth and share that brilliance with the world.

No pressure.

So how do you tend to that innermost part of yourself? How do you unearth it and bring it to light?

There are a million ways. Incorporating a daily practice of stillness and quiet awareness, an inner looking, would be a great place to start. But there's so much more that is required and the journey is as unique as the individual who walks it.

It's taken me a couple of decades to hone what really works for me – to activate and sustain a high vibration life. Here are the top five practices that I have found to be absolutely essential, and not just for me, this list would work for anyone interested in accessing and radiating their brightest light.



To access your authenticity you have to clear away the gunk, not just the inevitable environmental toxic build-–up that accumulates in our bodies but the mental/emotional gunk we acquire as well. Eating clean – fresh, chemical free, whole foods, can balance your emotions, clear your mind, boost your stamina, and improve your sleep. Essentially improving your overall wellbeing. Food can be your medicine or your poison, you get to decide. Being mindful of what you put into your body – taking good care of yourself, shows self–respect, which is an essential part of self–love, and the foundation for living a brilliant life.


Get physical. Whether it's a jog a few times a week, a brisk walk every day or a regular Tai Chi practice, finding something that gets your body moving will allow for inspiration to move through you, for insights to bubble up from the deep, and for old patterns to shift and release. Not moving your body creates stagnation – the perfect breeding ground for negative emotions to fester and grow. So move, keep your energy flowing!


We all know we need to sleep, some of us don't get nearly enough but how many of us take time to rest, to sit in stillness and unwind from the day, without TV or devices to keep our minds occupied. When was the last time you just sat and did nothing? This is essential, not only for our overall wellbeing but for the ability to access our deepest selves, we have to allow for quiet contemplation, inner listening, stillness – without sleep. If this isn't something you already enjoy doing, try it. Sit for 5 minutes a day doing absolutely nothing, work your way up to 10 minutes. Every. Day.


Step outside your comfort zone, do something that you've always secretly wanted to do but have been too afraid. Just do it! What's the worst thing that could happen? Some of my most profound insights and dramatic growth spurts have happened when I stepped into my fear. And yes, some of them hurt like a mother fucker. But they brought me closer to my most authentic self, made me stronger, wiser, and way better equipped to deal with the next challenge (whatever it ended up being). Now I get excited when I catch myself feeling fearful, especially if I know it'll bring me closer to accessing my dreams. Seriously, it's always worth it. Just do it.


How could you possibly find the love of your life or have the relationship of your dreams, if you don't even know how to love yourself? I mean really love yourself, deep down into the hidden recesses of your most shameful parts. Can you forgive and accept every aspect of yourself? 'Cause trust me, if you can't accept yourself, you will never feel wholly accepted by another. It starts with you, all of it. Be compassionate towards yourself, be kind to yourself, take care of yourself. Book a massage, go to the spa, get that acupuncture treatment, take yourself on a date, treat yourself in some way that nourishes you deep inside, at least once a week.

Lastly, have fun! Live life playfully, enjoy the trees and the earth under your feet, dance, get wild, be silly, laugh often and judge no one, including yourself.

Shine bright beautiful! The world needs you!

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