How to Obliterate the Bullshit

I've had a long–standing love affair with essential oils, they wooed me with their powerful intensity long ago. From the calming qualities of Lavender to the sultry aroma of Sandalwood to the sweet delicacy of Ylang Ylang, I was hooked from the get–go.

I tend to fall hard and fast for anything (or anyone) that speaks straight to the heart.

Scents have a way of doing that, and like love, are timeless, or more accurately, they encapsulate time.

One whiff of hot wet pavement after a summer rainstorm and I am instantly transported to the celebratory joy of my 5 year old self, jumping in puddles barefoot with just a bathing suit on, completely overcome with joy. Under the spell of that particular scent, time loses its linear grip on me, I become both the 5 year old and the 42 year old, brimming with the exhilaration of a summer rain shower.

That is the magic of essences. Whether it is the essence of an experience, the essence of a human being, or the essence of a flower, there is something about getting right to the essential quality of a thing that just seems to obliterate all the bullshit.

Hence my love for essential oils – the essences of plants, flowers, roots, and trees. They speak straight to my heart and obliterate all the mundane bullshit that can so easily sideswipe my day.

Which is why I have decided to turn my long standing love affair into a marriage. Of sorts. These days I sleep, eat, and breathe essential oils. They have become an integral part of my daily routine. I playfully pick my diffuser scent first thing in the morning, setting the tone for how I would like my day to unfold, inhaling its aroma, imbibing its therapeutic qualities as I sit for my morning meditation. They continue to guide and support me throughout my day, as I use them on my skin, in my drinking water, to clean and purify my house, and especially during my holistic treatments and yoga classes. I often close my day the same way it begins; with a few drops of an essential oil or blend of oils in my diffuser, allowing its aroma to cradle me gently to sleep. A daily, aromatically sensual cycle that brings me so much joy.

Being someone that is constantly changing and growing I am thankful to have partnered up with something that appears to have no end to its breadth or depth. My opportunity to learn and grow while exploring the fine art and science of essential oils feels limitless. This brings me solace and buoys my heart. A match made in heaven.

Of all the wonderful gifts I have gleaned from essential oils, the most meaningful has been the undeniable truth that within all of us resides a potent, uniquely beautiful essence, that yearns to be shared and expressed. Just like the plants, trees, and flowers that we extract essential oils from it is our duty to tap into our own inner essence because once we engage with the world from that place, from our innermost truths, communicating from the heart, we will feel utterly liberated from all the bullshit.

Who are you at your essence? What does your heart yearn to say? What is your undeniable truth. In answering these questions you are stepping towards your most fulfilling life.

If the answers aren't clear, take some time to look inward, do an inquiry into yourself. Sometimes that means going for a walk in nature or laying under a tree or dabbing some essential oil on your skin to stimulate your inspiration... it doesn't matter how you get there, just find a way to seek reverence for whatever ignites your heart. Tap into your essence so that you can share your light.

Because there is only one you, and the world needs you, just as you are!


If you haven't yet encountered the wonders of essential oils and are curious to learn more about them, contact me, I'd love to share my passion with you!

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