Stay in Your Magic, with Essential Oils!

If you know me at all, you know I have a thing for essential oils. Actually, it's more than just a 'thing', I'd say it's an obsession or at the very least a profound love that I seem to sink into a little deeper every day.

I've been using essential oils since I was a teenager but purely for their aromatic qualities. I just loved how they smelled.

I had no idea of the breadth of their therapeutic qualities. Until this past spring, when Elena Brower invited me to an Essential Oils class at 889Yoga, taught by the lovely, Jennifer Kruidbos.

The first thing we did was put a drop of dōTERRA's Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade lemon oil into a glass of water, and drink it! It tasted like what I imagine the nectar of a lemon flower would taste like, it was divine. I had never consumed essential oils before. In fact, most essential oils say right on the bottle - do not ingest.

This was a pivotal moment for me.

While I was still revelling in the amazing flavour of the lemon in my water we were instructed to put a drop of peppermint oil on the palm of our hand, rub our hands together and bring them to our nose and inhale... my God! I'd smelt peppermint oil plenty throughout my life, and loved it, but this, this was different. We did the same thing with lavender and it was equally surprising, dōTERRA's lavender had a sweetness to it that I had never encountered before.

That was it, my curiosity was peaked, I was fully engaged and wanted to know everything there was to know about what made these oils so special. I had no idea that to study the full breadth of what dōTERRA's essential oils have to offer would take a lifetime.

Six months later and I'm just starting to crack the surface. My lifetime study of these magical plant medicines has barely begun and I am completely floored by what I have witnessed and experienced so far.

Now, I'm no scientist, so if you're interested in reading some scientific data about essential oils you've landed on the wrong page. But I'll hook you up with some links. To learn more about what Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade means (this is really important info if you plan on using essential oils medicinally) click this link. And if you're totally new to the world of essential oils and don't really know what they are, check this out.

For those of you who lean towards the mystical and believe that there are some things in this world that can only be understood with a little faith in magic then the rest of this post is for you.

Magic and I go way back. Not the Harry Potter or Gandalf kind of magic, I mean the awe–inspiring sunset kind, or the crazy synchronicities kind, that feel divinely orchestrated, or in this particular case, the magic that transpires when you wake up feeling the heavy weight of your day before you've even gotten out of bed, so you drop some lime and sandalwood essential oils into the diffuser and within minutes (literally minutes!) you feel jubilant, inspired and full of energy. That kind of magic.

That's how my day started off today. Loaded with magic.

I've never been very good at getting up in the morning. I just find my bed so damn comfortable! I always want to linger there, easing my way out of the deliciousness of sleep as slowly as possible. And now that my kids are grown and I am self–employed, which means there isn't anyone else's agenda forcing me to get up... I end up lingering for quite a while.

But today, I woke up with a million things to do and even though I had that bonus hour from the clocks falling back (thank you, daylight savings) I still didn't know how I was going to get everything done. But before I allowed myself to get too overwhelmed or discouraged I popped two drops of Lime oil and Hawaiian Sandalwood into the diffuser, by the time I was done making my bed I was on fire with inspiration.

My process with essential oils is almost always an intuitive one, I just pick what feels right. It usually isn't until after I feel an emotional shift that I decide to look up the healing properties of the oils I've imbibed, diffused or applied to my skin.

So when I was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement for my day, I opened my fave book, Emotions and Essential Oils, turns out Lime is the oil of zest for life. No real surprise there. It goes on to say that when you've been weighed down by discouragement or grief, Lime elevates you above the mire, "it instills courage and cheer in the heart... giving room for light and joy... it encourages emotional honesty... it can also assist the individual who has overly developed their intellectual capacities but has neglected to develop themselves emotionally... this oil encourages balance between the heart and the mind... assisting one to feel safe and at home in the heart... Lime dispels apathy and resignation and instills hope, joy, courage, and the determination to face all of life's challenges."

Pretty great, right? That's exactly what it did for me this morning. But mixing it with Sandalwood added some depth. According to my magical little book, Sandalwood is the oil of sacred devotion, it teaches reverence by calming the mind and stilling the heart. It challenges you to reorder your priorities so that you can be in alignment with your soul's purpose - with divine will. It allows you to hear the subtle voice of spirit and is said to raise you up to higher levels of consciousness. It helps you break through limiting beliefs, it teaches humility and love for the divine.

Sandalwood is one of my favourite oils, it's exactly the medicine I crave. Anything that can plug me back into spirit when I've fallen off track or out of alignment with my essence, has got to be magic.

My second favourite oil is Frankincense, the oil of Truth. The qualities of which are in perfect alignment with my soul's purpose. I have spent my entire life in search of Truth, my deepest Truths and the Truths that lay hidden within others. Knowing that there's an oil that does just that sets my heart on fire.

Here's what my fave book has to say about Frankincense, "it reveals deceptions and false truths... it invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions, and negativity... it is a powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness... when one feels abandoned or forgotten, Frankincense reminds them that they are loved and protected... while this oil is incredibly powerful it is also gentle, like a loving father who nurtures, guides and protects... it shields the body from negative influences and assists the soul in its spiritual evolution."

I just can't get enough of these incredible oils! They are the best tools I've come across for raising vibrations and navigating your way through life in the best possible way. Not to mention the incredible opportunities for healing they provide.

It's important to note that although there is some incredible magic in these powerful oils, they cannot do our emotional work for us. They can just help bring awareness to patterns, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions but it is up to us to release them, to allow them to move through us so that we can make room for positivity and light filled inspirations to fill us up.

Surrendering to the process, embracing Trust and having faith that things will inevitably feel better on the other side of the release is an essential part of any healing or transformation.

Essential oils can support us as we transition through difficult periods of growth. They can illuminate the way through, and facilitate deep transformations, bringing us closer to our own essence.

If you are curious to learn more about essential oils, I would love to meet with you. Like I said, I'm obsessed, I never get tired of exploring, sharing, learning, and growing with the oils.

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