What Does Your Intuition Sound Like?

We've all heard the call of our intuition, and ignored it. You know, those moments when you have a nagging feeling or a voice telling you which way you need to go or which choice you need to make but you dismiss it and end up landing headfirst in the mess of your own self-sabotage.

I love those moments!

I love them because they remind me that my intuition is always there, guiding me, I just need to listen. I love them because they give me the opportunity to familiarize myself with the feeling, the tone, the quality with which my intuition speaks to me.

I haven't always loved them. I used to beat myself up for not listening, for not heeding my intuition – my inner guidance towards my greatest good. But now, whenever I land on my face and reflect back to that moment just before I rejected my intuition, I give thanks.

I do this because I feel so fucking grateful that my intuition speaks to me at all. I do this because I want my intuition to keep showing up, to keep leading me towards my best life.

So I practice pausing and reflecting with gratitude. I don't beat myself up anymore, I just move on, to the next step, and listen more closely.

I've landed on my face enough times that I've been able to get really clear on recognizing my intuitions particular sensory quality.

My intuition is usually quite quiet, like a quickly whispered insight that passes through my being – my mind, body, and soul. But sometimes it screams at me, like a bolt of lightning, shocking me into awareness. My intuition seems to come out of nowhere, from some infinite vastness that I cannot even begin to grasp and at the same time it resonates from deep within my being, it feels connected to everything and uniquely all mine at the same time.

The more connected I am to my essence – my core, the clearer my intuition speaks. I can always gauge where I'm at on the spectrum of my own inner alignment based on the strength with which I hear my intuition.

My intuition is my guide, my gift, and my most treasured companion. It has never led me astray. Nor has it ever abandoned me, even though I've abandoned it plenty. My intuition is benevolent, always in service of my greatest good.

In an effort to cultivate my relationship with my intuition I've practiced getting to know what it sounds and feels like. I've practiced listening, with my entire body. The more I listen, the more my intuition shows up.

It shows up in small ways all day long; turn left here – to avoid an accident clogging up the route I intended on taking; call that person right now – to find out they were just thinking of an opportunity they wanted to share with me; write that email – and find out that whoever was on the receiving end needed to hear exactly what I felt compelled to share; look up – and there, standing in front of me is the person I was just thinking about.

It shows up in BIG ways too; it's time to quit that job, leave that relationship, plant that seed of an idea, go to that event that is going to change the trajectory of your life, take that course, read that book, hold that person, build that dream.

I practice listening because listening creates magic.

It's a passive kind of listening, there's no straining, no reaching, it is simply being attentive to everything that is unfolding around me, and rising within me. It is presence.

I listen with my body, I feel my moments, this is the language my intuition speaks.

Do you know your intuition's language, how it feels and/or sounds within you? Does it show up in your belly – your gut, the soles of your feet, your heart centre, or maybe with goosebumps? Does it speak to you with words, sounds, perhaps with a distinct voice? Is it a combination of all those things?

Our intuition is always speaking to us, guiding us towards our most magnificent lives.

If you feel like yours hasn't been showing up as often as you'd like perhaps it's time to practice listening, with your whole body. Tune into your feelings, in every moment. Allow them to flow freely throughout your being.

Blocked emotions will block your intuition. Compulsive/obsessive thoughts will clog your mind, also getting in the way of your intuition.

Here are 5 ways to bring awareness to your intuition, to listen, to show it the reverence it deserves, and to create space for it to show up as often as it needs to, to keep you heading towards your most exceptional life, one illumination at a time.

1. Meditation

Every time you clear the chaos from your mind, every time you pause and turn your attention inward with the intention of accessing stillness, you are making room for your intuition to speak to you.

2. Honouring The Temple That is Your Body!

The more toxins your body has to process, the less room there is for your intuition to show up. Seasonal cleansing and consistent clean eating – eating whole foods straight from the earth to truly nourish your body, will allow for you to hear your intuition's call with clarity.

3. Reverence With Nature

Nature is pure medicine. Giving yourself the opportunity to soak up the qualities of nature allows you to come into alignment with your essence. When we stand in nature with reverence we are allowing the trivialities of our lives to dissolve as we take in the gloriousness of the earth and all its beautiful creations, including us. When you're in alignment with your essence you are wide open to receiving intuitive guidance.

4. Move Your Body!

It's so easy for our energy to get stagnant, to get stuck within our physical bodies. This is how illness is created. We need to get our energy moving so that it can flow freely through us. Do some Yoga, go for a run, dance, play, find whatever works for you, just get your body moving. Everyday.

5. Pray

But I don't mean praying to a god for things you want. I mean Pray to come into alignment with the present moment, with your essence and your deepest inner knowing. Praying gives your intuition a map towards your deepest desires so that it can highlight/illuminate/direct you towards your most exceptional life.

Befriend your intuition, allow it to show up by making space in your mind, body, and spirit. Acknowledge it when it calls, give thanks to it, and pray for more guidance.

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