What's Guiding Your Life, Love or Fear?

First off, if you haven't watched the Tony Robbins' doc that Netflix just released on Friday, do!

But make sure you don't have any little ones around, 'cause it's loaded with profanity. Joe Berlinger sure knows how to make a documentary that rocks you to the core!

I watched it on the weekend and I'm still feeling completely blasted open by it. Follow it up with Marie Forleo's interview with Tony, from last week and you'll be well–equipped to re-evaluate your life, and potentially make some profound changes.

Tony and I share a similar passion, we both want to help people live their most extraordinary lives. He has an insatiable hunger to end suffering and I have a burning desire to spread joy. Watching him lead people through profound, lasting transformations ignites the deepest recesses of my heart.

One of Tony's premises is that everything we do is either coming from a place of Love or Fear.

As humans we are programmed for survival, fear is our best ally when we are being chased down by a lion; releasing adrenalin, allowing us to be quick on our feet and make impulse decisions that could potentially save our lives. But when was the last time you were chased by a lion?

And yet, fear is still guiding so many people's lives.

Letting fear guide you is the most effective way to block opportunities. It's a defence mechanism that is designed to protect you, and it works! But it protects you from the good as well as the bad, building a fortification around your heart - the largest magnetic force in your body. Seriously! Read about it here.

There are countless examples of living your life from a place of fear; worrying about an outcome, staying in a job you hate, not reaching out to that person you are drawn to... and they all result in the same thing – an unfulfilled life.

To create the life you yearn for - the life you came here to live, you need to allow love to lead the way.

Start by doing the things you are most afraid of. Because every time you step into (and through) your fear you strengthen your courage and expand your heart.

Once you've built up your courage, by taking action towards creating a life that ignites your heart, you can start implementing some daily practices to keep that momentum going.

5 Daily Practices to Expand Your Heart:


It's up to you to actively set the tone of your day. I rarely wake up full of joyful exuberance, I have to work at it. I make sure I allow enough time for myself in the morning to go through a series of rituals/practices that get me on track with positivity. Essential oils are my fave go–to mood setter. I let my intuition choose an aroma, add a few drops to my diffuser and linger in bed for a bit focusing on my breathing, preparing myself for my morning meditation. Then I drink 750ml of water, purifying my body. Before I get out of bed, I spend a minimum of 20 minutes meditating, the style of meditation varies depending on my mood. After my meditation, I'll focus on appreciation for a few minutes. Gratitude first thing in the morning is a powerful way to expand the heart.


The food we eat directly influences our mood and overall wellbeing. Eating simple whole foods facilitates a clear mind and allows your emotions to be more even keel, supporting the positive vibes you've already put into place. Plus you are affirming your self–love by mindfully taking care of your health and wellness. Creating beautiful, delicious food encourages heart expansion, simply by enjoying how it looks, tastes, and smells.


Take at least a few minutes every day to be inspired. Music does it for me. But it could be a book, a great podcast, a blog, a favourite prayer... figure out what gets you connected to your heart and make sure you incorporate it into your daily life. Even if only for 5 minutes a day.


It's amazing what a simple act of kindness can do. Not only does it expand your heart but it radiates out into the world and encourages others to be kind. Take action from a heart centred place, as much as possible.


Take your kindness one step further and do something for someone else without any expectation of it being reciprocated. How can you help? What action can you take today to improve someone else's life? Look around you, be open and available to help another. You'd be amazed at how one small action, from the heart, can make a huge shift in someone's life.

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