An Ode to Your Wild

There is a rhythm that pulses within you.

Like the thundering of wild horses running in unison or the steady flap of a hawk's wings as it takes flight or maybe it's more like the smooth glide of a fish moving through water or the rustle and sway of poplar leaves in the wind. Maybe it's all those things.

Whatever the rhythm of your Wild, let it consume you. Let its pulse move you into the awareness of your Truest nature. Let it call your essence forth and bring your magnificence into being.

Your wild is your link to all that is. It is your connection to this great Earth we call home and to all the creatures that inhabit it.

Your wild is within you always.

May you know your wild. May you sink into its sweet embrace with every breath. May it be the fire that inspires you, the light that guides you, and the comfort that holds you close in times of need.

My you have the courage to share your wild with the world. After all, it is why you are here - to bring your wild into being.

We are so ready to dance to the rhythm of your Wild.

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