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Solar RadianceA Guided Experience with Melissa Essential Oil

June 11th to June 21st 2022 

An 11 day guided experience in celebration of the light within each of us. Led by Plant Medicine Advocate, Nina Taylor, and supported by Melissa essential oil - the cellular regenerating oil of light, gifted to us from the Lemon Balm plant.


During this experience, we will imbibe dōTERRA's Melissa essential oil 11x a day for 11 days to help clear the debris within our cells. In turn, restoring and revitalizing our inherent radiance while being held within the sacred container of the Solar Radiance Collective.


This container will hold all the possibility and vulnerability that can emerge during transformative experiences.


Using a simple and accessible format, you will receive daily; a short guided meditation, a journal prompt to bring you into deeper self-awareness, and an affirmation to guide and support you throughout the day, all via our private WhatsApp group.


The daily practices have emerged from Nina's 15+ yrs of experience leading paradigm-shifting groups and transmuting harmful storylines. Each practice is designed to be seamlessly woven into the fabric of the collective energies of the group while supporting and enhancing the therapeutic qualities that Melissa offers.


This experience can take you as deep as you are willing to dive and as wide as you are open to receive. The emergence of your light is entirely up to you. 


Are you ready to enhance your radiance?