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Let's curate the perfect starter kit for you!

Empower yourself with simple, potent tools for better health. Deepen your relationship with your body, mind, and emotions by aligning with a beautifully curated kit of plant medicines to support your daily wellness. 

BONUS - starting with a kit entitles you to a free membership so you can enjoy a 25% discount on all purchases for an entire year. 

It's time to fall in love with taking care of yourself

Healthy Home Collection

An upleveling dream!

Investment - $449 CAD

This collection combines all of the essentials for a lifestyle of wellness and a home free of synthetics! Making it effortless for you to transform your living space into an environment filled with naturally sourced solutions for cleaning and personal care. More info here.

Nature's Solutions Collection

A complete health and wellness upgrade!

Investment - $600 CAD

You know that living a healthy lifestyle requires a commitment to daily health habits and you're ready to reduce your toxic load with natural, toxin-free self-care products. More info here

The Home Essentials Kit

For a limited time only - until supplies last 

Investment - $330 CAD

You're ready to eliminate the over-the-counter drugs you've been using and experience the natural alternatives. This kit comes with the ten most popular oils for supporting over 80% of your basic health care needs and includes a free Petal 2.0 diffuser and the Essentials Booklet. More info here

Healthy Start Collection

The perfect intro to transition to natural solutions

Investment - $205.25 CAD

This collection was designed to include all of the basic necessities for your wellness lifestyle, so change is literally just a drop away! From household routines to keeping yourself well, the essential oils in your Healthy Start Collection are the perfect substitutes and supplements for old synthetic choices. More info here

Simple Solutions Collection

You're curious to try the oils, you want an intro to the basics.

Investment - $134.75 CAD

Using essential oils is simple. Assembled with four of the most popular doTERRA products, your Simple Solutions Collection makes it effortless to bring nature’s solutions into your own home by providing you with the basics for first-time essential oil use!

dōTERRA Essentials Booklet

You want to create a custom order and receive a 25% discount on your purchase

Investment - $42 CAD

Learn all about the dōTERRA essentials in this handy booklet; what oils would suit you, how doTERRA started, and info on all the other products available to you. Plus you'll receive dōTERRA's wholesale membership so you can purchase any products you choose with a 25% discount for an entire year. More info here.