The Cleanse & Restore Collection

A beautifully curated kit designed to up-level your health with powerful plant-based supplementation. A simple, self-directed thirty-day journey.


This brilliant cleanse gently detoxes the body while restoring cellular health and improving overall gut

health. No extreme food restriction or exercise regiments. All this cleanse asks of you is that you drink plenty of water and commit to taking your daily supplementation with every meal.

Investment - $259.75 USD 

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Healthy Woman

Why Cleanse?

​To feel radiantly ALIVE! That's why.


Do you find it hard to wake up in the morning, suffer from regular brain fog, sugar cravings, skin eruptions, moodiness, bloating, joint discomfort, inability to lose weight, food sensitivities, or simply an overall sense of feeling lackluster? Then this cleanse could benefit you. Here are just a few of the benefits experienced with the Cleanse & Restore Kit:

  • Naturally boosts energy levels

  • Rids the body of excess waste

  • Supports healthy weight loss

  • Boosts immune system

  • Glowing skin

  • Better breath

  • Promotes healthy habits

  • Clearer thinking

  • Improved hair health

  • Feeling lighter

  • Anti-aging benefits due to free-radical reduction

  • Improved sense of wellbeing

  The 3 Phases of the Cleanse

Phase 1


  • Lifelong Vitality Supplements

  • TerraZyme

  • Zendocrine Softgels

  • Zendocrine Complex

  • Lemon Essential Oil

 Zendocrine Softgels

Zendocrine Detoxification Blend contains Tangerine, Juniper Berry, Cilantro, Geranium and Rosemary essential oils which are key in supporting natural detoxification. Zendocrine also helps cleanse those organs of harmful free radicals, allowing them to function properly.

Phase 2

DAY 11 to 20 - RESET WITH:

  • Lifelong Vitality Supplements

  • TerraZyme

  • GX Assist

  • Zendocrine Complex

  • Lemon Essential Oil

   GX Assist®

GX Assist® supports natural detoxification by creating an unfriendly environment for toxins in the digestive tract. The proprietary essential oil blend helps purify and cleanse the digestive system while the caprylic acid supports overall digestive health and microbial balance.

Phase 3

DAY 21 to 30 - RENEW WITH:

  • Lifelong Vitality Supplements

  • TerraZyme

  • PB Assist+

  • Zendocrine Complex

  • DDR Prime

  • Lemon Essential Oil

     PB Assist+

A blend of both pre and probiotics. Prebiotics are substances, like fibre, that foster an optimal environment for microbial colonization and activity in the gut. Probiotics are bacteria that live in the gastrointestinal tract and help break down food. PB Assist+ employs a unique double-layer capsule that provides prebiotic fibre in the outer capsule and a time-release inner capsule with active probiotic cultures. This unique system allows the probiotics to be released in the intestines, as opposed to the stomach, where they will have the maximum benefit.

DDR Prime for Cellular Support

Cells are the foundation of all living things. Their growth, replication, and death provide the information for the function of all our body’s systems. As we age, cellular function progressively degrades and this process can be expedited by poor nutrition, lack of exercise, stress, exposure to toxins, and other lifestyle habits. When cellular function is compromised, the normal process of growth and regeneration is altered, negatively impacting all normal and healthy processes.

DDR Prime Cellular Complex is a proprietary blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils combined to support cell health, function, and renewal. The combination of Frankincense, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Thyme, Summer Savory, Niaouli, and Clove provides powerful antioxidant support for cellular health and vitality.

Beyond the cleanse...

The Lifelong Vitality Supplements

While there is no complete replacement for a healthy diet and exercise program, today’s modern diet does not provide the nutrients we need to stay healthy, have energy, and prevent premature ageing. Enter the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®, a supplementation trio that you'll be taking every day of the cleanse, and beyond if you choose.


Alpha CRS+ Cellular Vitality Complex is a proprietary formula combining potent levels of natural botanical extracts that support healthy cell function with important metabolic factors of cellular energy 

Microplex VMz Food Nutrient Complex is a food nutrient formula of bioavailable vitamins and minerals that are deficient in our modern diets. The formula includes a balanced blend of essential antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, and an energy complex of B vitamins presented in a patented glycoprotein matrix. Microplex VMz also contains chelated minerals including calcium, magnesium, and zinc for optimal bone and metabolic health.

xEO Mega Essential Oil Omega Complex is a unique formula of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and a proprietary blend of marine and land-sourced omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids help support joint, cardiovascular, and brain health, as well as healthy immune function.

TerraZyme Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes help cause biochemical reactions in the body and are crucial in processes like metabolism and detoxification. Fresh, raw foods naturally contain enzymes. However, when food is cooked and processed, these enzymes can be destroyed. Throughout the cleanse you'll be taking  TerraZyme® for enzymes support for the overall health of your gastrointestinal tract.