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Solar Eclipse

An Opportunity for An  Awakening

Registration Opens March 2024

One-time Payment — $800 CAD

12 Payments — $75 Monthly 

Galactic Resonance is not your typical astrology course. This 13-month immersion is designed to develop your resonance with the celestial energies and facilitate a remembrance of the truth of who you are.

You will learn the fundamentals of astrology and the subtle art of interpreting the celestial energies. But most importantly, you will discover the magnificence that exists within you.


This 13 Module program commences on the spring equinox, in conjunction with the Astrological New Year - the first day of Aries. We will follow the Sun's journey through the signs over the course of a year.


Each new Module will unlock in conjunction with the Sun's transition through the signs, 12 signs over the course of 12 months, with a bonus Module for Chiron, the Nodes of the Moon, and the Aspects. 


Learning in alignment with the Sun's journey through the signs can help cultivate an enhanced awareness of the subtle energetics of each sign and your relationship with those energies. It can also reveal the subtle expressions of your nature that you may have lost touch with or that require healing. 


This is an opportunity for reclamation.


As you develop your awareness of the signs, planets, houses, and aspects, you'll naturally deepen your understanding of the subtle forces within and all around you. In essence, you'll cultivate your relationship with your divinity.


Red Balls of Fire

Module 1

Aries, Mars & the 1st House

Discovering the warrior

within and your relationship

 with taking action and actualizing the self. 

Earth and Space


The Galactic Resonance course is like a portal to a richer and more expansive perspective and understanding, not only of ourselves, but also of all of human experience and interrelation. If that sounds huge, it’s because it is! But not in an otherworldly, inaccessible way. Nina has a genuine gift for making vast concepts completely accessible and personal. Her combination of expertise, warmth, and genuine desire to help others connect with themselves and a greater understanding of the universe and their place in it, is what makes taking this course the transformative experience that it is. 

Sylvie M. – TCM Practitioner

Your self-awareness is the key to unlocking your true potential, your natal chart is the doorway, let's walk through it together.

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