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This eleven day experience is designed to activate your internal sun - the solar force energy within you. 


Offered as a comprehensive digital workbook with eleven days of chakra activation practices, supporting journal prompts and affirmations, including audio links for all guided meditations and movement practices.


This experience has been artfully curated by Nina and can be enhanced with daily imbibing of Melissa essential oil - the cellular regenerating oil of light. Melissa essential oil, gifted to us from the Lemon Balm plant, can help clear the debris from our cells, and in turn, restore and revitalize our inherent radiance.


This experience holds all the possibility and vulnerability that can emerge when we commit to our growth. It will take you as deep as you are willing to dive and as wide as you are open to receive. 


The emergence of your light is entirely up to you. 


*If you don't already have a bottle of dōTERRA's Melissa essential oil for this experience, you will find an optional link to purchase on page 3 of your workbook.

The Solar Radiance Experience

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